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In the heart of Johnson City, TN, you’ll find us, Joe Cool, a reliable HVAC contractor offering the ultimate solution for your HVAC needs. What sets us apart in our field is not only our 15 years of extensive experience but also our steadfast commitment to delivering a customer-centric service unlike any other.

When you choose us, you’re choosing high-quality service with absolute transparency in communication and pricing. Our promise is to deliver same-day service, no hidden fees after a quote is given, and a team that always goes the extra mile for you.

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    Our comprehensive list of services includes:

    • HVAC Installation: Specializing in mini-split systems, we ensure each HVAC installation is meticulously executed, ensuring every component from electricity to plumbing and natural gas systems is safe and efficient.
    • HVAC Repairs: Whether it’s air filter issues or mechanical wear and tear, our team excels at diagnosing and remedying common HVAC problems.
    • HVAC Maintenance: Regular preventive maintenance from our team means keeping your HVAC system running optimally with thorough cleaning and regular inspections.
    • Indoor Air Quality: We specialize in assessing and improving your indoor air quality, creating a healthier living environment for you and your family.
    • Commercial HVAC Services: From installation to maintenance, we deliver professional, high-quality HVAC services to light commercial establishments.

    Choosing us means choosing a new level of quality, transparency, and service.

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    Expertise Meets Quality in HVAC Installation

    With our top-notch HVAC installation, including our specialization in mini-split systems, we ensure you enjoy year-round comfort. These advanced, compact units provide efficient temperature regulation, particularly suitable for specific rooms or zones in your house. We seamlessly integrate your systems, involving electricity, plumbing, and natural gas, for optimal safety and efficiency. Our team doesn’t just install; we validate and verify. Whether we’re fitting a full HVAC system or a mini-split unit, we provide you with the extra assurance that your system will work properly and safely.

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    Reliable HVAC Repairs When You Need Them Most

    We understand the frustration of a malfunctioning HVAC system. From blown fuses or tripped breakers to mechanical wear and tear, our air conditioning repair services cover it all. Our experts quickly identify and address air filter issues and thermostat malfunctions to restore your comfort in no time.

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    Preventive HVAC Maintenance for Long-term Efficiency

    We know the importance of preventive AC maintenance. Our comprehensive service includes everything from filter changes and coil cleaning to inspecting connections, motor operations, and thermostat functionality. We keep your systems running smoothly, saving you from potential costly repairs in the future.

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    Improving Your Home's Indoor Air Quality

    The quality of the air you breathe indoors should never be compromised. We deliver stellar indoor air quality services, addressing issues from smoke, vapors, mold, to chemicals. We not only test your indoor air quality but also provide effective solutions to enhance it.

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    Quality Commercial HVAC Services You Can Trust

    We understand that your business needs to operate smoothly, and a comfortable environment plays a key role. Our team of expert commercial HVAC contractors is dedicated to delivering top-tier installation, maintenance, and replacement services. With us, you can focus on your business while we ensure your environment remains ideal.

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    We also offer 5% discounts to all senior citizens (65+), and military personnel. Reach out to us now!


    What Our Clients Are Saying


    Renée Peaks D


    Joe and his team go above and beyond to do high quality HVAC work in a professional and timely manner. I refer him to all my family and friends that need HVAC services. Highly recommend!

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    Michael Mc C


    Joe Cool kept in constant contact to inform me of the arrival time. They were professional and knowledgeable.

    Google Reviews


    Natosha A


    We needed a new HVAC. Joe came and gave me a quote and had it installed the next day. They’re professional and honest. Highly recommend! Thank you Joe Cool!

    Facebook Reviews


    Jason S


    Joe Cool He was very professional He arrived on time He explained it very well to me what it was going to take to get my unit up and running and gave me several options.

    Facebook Reviews


    Philip S


    Great guys, professional work!

    Google Reviews


    Daniel C


    Good work, poor communication.

    Google Reviews


    Ken K


    It really was a fantastic experience! Did a great job and it was like he wasn’t even there…stealth like!

    Google Reviews


    Jennifer Weston P


    Fantastic! Very friendly and professional. Was able to help on short notice when we had elderly guests who would not have done well without heat. THANK YOU!

    Facebook Reviews


    Monica M


    Great customer service! HIGHLY recommend!!!

    Google Reviews


    Glenn L


    These guys came in, had to fix someone else’s duct work mistakes, reworked it, nice and neat, installed another unit and installed the unit that should have been done from other contractor! Reasonable! I have already given out his cards to many others, because what they have done for us, and I know they have done this a few more times recently on other homes! On top of the great work, the manners and demeanor were great, their attitudes were always positive, just awesome experience.

    Google Reviews


    Sheila F


    Joe and his apprentice were very professional and thorough in the maintenance of my 2 units they serviced. Even though one of my units is fairly old, Joe said it’s still in good working order. Joe even recommended a few preventive things he could do. Really appreciate their honestly.

    Facebook Reviews


    Darla C


    Joe Cool replaced our older broken heat pump with a new system that is rated appropriately for the square footage of our home. Great job and VERY timely service!

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